Benefits Of Griffonia Seed Extract: Five Benefits You Can't Ignore

Also known as 5-HTP, Griffonia seed extract is often promoted as a natural solution to many chronic conditions. But what are the benefits of Griffonia seed extract, and how do you know whether it’s right for you?

In this article, we’ll explore the uses and benefits of Griffonia seed extract, from aiding weight loss and easing migraines to treating anxiety and improving sleep.

Does Griffonia Seed Extract Really Work?

Many people rely on the effects of Griffonia seed extract to manage their chronic conditions, with some promoting it as a miracle cure. But are the benefits of Griffonia seed extract really as extensive as people say? Or is it just another fad that will soon be disproved?

Read on to discover the uses and benefits of Griffonia seed extract.

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What Is Griffonia Seed Extract?

Griffonia seed extract comes from the seeds of an African climbing shrub known as Griffonia Simplicifolia. Within Griffonia seed extract, you’ll find the only non-human source of 5 HTP. This makes Griffonia Simplicifolia an important plant for alternative medicine.

5 HTP, an abbreviation for 5-Hydroxytryptophan, is an amino acid which is naturally produced by the human body. 5 HTP is used by the body to produce serotonin, the chemical messenger which plays a vital role in controlling your mood, sleep and appetite.

As well as being naturally produced by the human body, 5 HTP can also be found within the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia. 5 HTP can be carefully extracted from the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia to create naturally-derived 5 HTP supplements.

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What Are The Benefits of Taking 5-HTP - Benefits of Griffonia Seed Extract

What Are The Benefits Of Taking 5-HTP?

As 5 HTP helps to control the body’s production of serotonin, taking 5-HTP supplements can help to increase the amount of serotonin that your body produces. This can have a wide range of benefits including increasing weight loss, reducing migraines, improving mood and helping you to sleep.

Here are the top five benefits of Griffonia seed extract.

1. Griffonia Seed Extract Can Speed Up Weight Loss

Many people find it a struggle to lose weight and constant feelings of hunger can make this even more difficult. If you’re finding losing weight a challenge, you may be looking for a natural way to boost your weight loss.

Griffonia seed extract acts as an appetite suppressant, helping to stop you from feeling hungry between meals. No one knows exactly how 5 HTP suppresses appetite but scientists think that it might be linked to the increase in serotonin production that is triggered when you take 5 HTP supplements.

This effect has been proven in several studies. For example, one study investigated the impact of 5 HTP on diabetes sufferers. The study found that those taking 5 HTP consumed around 435 calories less than the control group each day. Those who took 5 HTP supplements didn’t just lose weight – they also had better blood sugar controls.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your weight loss and improve your eating habits, taking Griffonia seed extract could help.

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2. Griffonia Seed Extract Can Improve Sleep

Whether you’re suffering from poor-quality sleep or struggling with insomnia, there’s nothing worse than being tired during the daytime. A lack of sleep can quickly impact on your daily life, limiting your productivity and affecting your concentration.

Your sleep cycles rely on melatonin. This is the natural hormone which is responsible for regulating your sleep patterns. The levels of melatonin in your body rise in an evening, help you to fall to sleep. The levels of melatonin in your body then fall in the morning to wake you up naturally.

To produce melatonin, your body needs serotonin. If you’re lacking serotonin, your body may not be able to produce enough melatonin which could make it more difficult to fall to sleep and impact on your sleep quality.

We already know that 5 HTP plays an important role in your body’s production of serotonin, so it’s understandable that taking 5 HTP supplements can help to increase your melatonin production. By facilitating the healthy production of melatonin, 5 HTP could help to regulate your sleep cycles, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised in a morning.

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3. Griffonia Seed Extract Can Reduce Depression

Many scientists believe that depression is linked to low levels of serotonin in the brain. This is why the most common type of antidepressants (SSRIs) target serotonin levels. When the levels of serotonin are raised, the symptoms of depression are often eased.

5HTP plays an essential role in the production of serotonin. The more 5HTP in your body, the more serotonin you are able to produce. That’s why many people rely on 5 HTP supplements to increase their serotonin levels and ease their depression.

Griffonia seed extract has been clinically proven to ease depression. A 2002 review of studies discovered that taking 5 HTP supplements leads to increased mental wellbeing and a greater sense of relaxation – something that every depression sufferer longs for.

With around a quarter of people in the UK experiencing a mental health problem every year, there’s no wonder that many people are looking for a more natural way to manage their depression.

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Griffonia Seed Extract Helps To Ease Anxiety - Benefits Of Griffonia Seed Extract

4. Griffonia Seed Extract Helps To Ease Anxiety

Many anxiety sufferers are forced to rely on prescription medication to go about their daily lives. The condition can affect how you cope with everyday situations such as social interactions and daily tasks. There’s no wonder that many people who are suffering from anxiety are looking for a more natural way to manage their symptoms.

Serotonin helps to induce feelings of mental wellbeing and relaxation, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. Increasing the levels of serotonin in your body can help to reduce levels of anxiety, allowing you to go about your daily life.

5 HTP is responsible for stimulating your body’s natural production of serotonin. This makes Griffonia seed extract effective in relieving the symptoms of anxiety and promoting mental wellbeing.

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5. Griffonia Seed Extract Helps To Prevent Migraines

Any migraine sufferer will tell you that migraines aren’t just a headache. They’re a debilitating chronic condition which can impact on your day-to-day life, preventing you from doing the things that you enjoy. Migraine symptoms often include severe headaches, light sensitivity, visual disturbances and sickness.

It’s not known exactly what causes migraines. However, many scientists believe that migraines could be triggered by low levels of serotonin in the brain. This is why many migraine sufferers rely on 5 HTP supplements as a more natural way to control their migraines.

Although research into using 5 HTP for migraines is ongoing, the evidence so far looks promising. One study found that taking daily 5 HTP supplements for six months significantly reduced the frequency of migraine attacks in 71% of people.

Griffonia seed extract, or 5 HTP supplements, could be a good way to manage your migraines more naturally.

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Should You Take Griffonia Seed Extract?

Many people rely on Griffonia seed extract, or 5 HTP supplements to manage their depression and anxiety, control migraines, speed up weight loss and improve sleep. Some people find that taking 5 HTP supplements can allow them to reduce or even avoid prescription medications, allowing them to manage their conditions more naturally.

Whether to take Griffonia seed extract is a personal choice and you should weigh up the benefits before making your decision. However, 5 HTP supplements can interact with some medications, so it’s important to check with a pharmacist or medical provider if you take any other medications.

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Related Questions

What Is The Best Brand Of 5-HTP?

When you’re choosing a brand of 5-HTP, it’s important to look for a reliable and trustworthy supplier. This will help to ensure that you’re receiving the highest quality supplements.

When you choose to purchase 5-HTP supplements from Evo Nutrition, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing sustainably sourced Griffonia seed extract which is both organic and vegan-friendly, taking care of both your body and the planet.

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking 5-HTP?

Some people experience side effects such as drowsiness, digestive issues and sexual dysfunction after taking 5 HTP. If you take too much 5 HTP, it can cause a spike in serotonin levels, results in shivering and anxiety. If you notice these symptoms, you should contact a doctor for advice.

You shouldn’t take 5 HTP supplements alongside other medications which increase serotonin levels such as antidepressants. It’s best to consult a pharmacist or medical provider before taking 5 HTP if you’re taking any other prescription medications.

What Dosage Of 5-HTP Should You Take?

The dosage of 5 HTP that you require will depend on the reason that you’re taking it. Different dosages of 5-HTP will provide different effects. For example, for weight loss it’s recommended to take 250mg of 5 HTP, three times a day. However, the dosage for sleep is 100mg – 300mg, before bed.

Try Griffonia Seed Extract Today

Many people rely on the effects of Griffonia seed extract, or 5-HTP supplements, to manage their chronic conditions. This natural supplement offers a wide range of benefits and can be used to treat many different conditions.

If you’re ready to try Griffonia seed extract, our sustainably sourced 5-HTP supplements are ideal. Give them a try today to discover a more natural way to take control of your health.

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