5 HTP for sleep? Here's Everything You Need to Know

5 HTP for sleep? Let's investigate...modern life is full of stresses and strains but we all have half a chance of dealing with it if we can just get a good nights’ sleep. Poor sleep or broken nights can make daily challenges almost impossible to deal with and is linked to other health conditions as well, both mental and physical.

Some changes to sleep protocols can help but many of us fall into the vicious cycle of poor sleep leading to overtiredness and anxiety about sleep, both of which contribute to poor sleep and on it goes. Sometimes breaking the pattern needs some intervention and this is where 5HTP for sleep can help.


Why Do People Take 5 HTP for Sleep?

5 HTP is a naturally occurring chemical found in the body which can impact sleep and anxiety - which can also be part of the insomnia package. 5HTP can also be manufactured from the seeds of the Griffonia Simplicifolia which is an African plant.

Lots of people want help with their sleep patterns but many are not keen on taking something which is not natural or interferes with the normal processes within the body. Natural supplements can work with our bodies and support innate processes. They can mimic substances which our bodies normally create and enhance them. Natural supplements help our bodies to work better.

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What is Griffonia Seed Extract?

Griffonia seeds come from the African plant, Griffonia Simplicifolia. The seeds are a naturally occurring source of 5 HTP.

Studies show that 5 HTP is a substance that our bodies make naturally and it is converted into Serotonin, that crucial ‘happy’ hormone and neurotransmitter. Serotonin affects the whole body, impacting the cells of the brain and nervous system - it is important for mood, eating, digestion and critically, sleep.

What are the Benefits of 5 HTP for Sleep?

5HTP offers multiple health benefits by boosting low levels of Serotonin which will improve sleep. Also, because of its impact on anxiety, it can help relax the mind and prepare the body for bedtime.

As a naturally occurring source of 5HTP, there are no downsides to Griffonia Seed extract. It is completely safe and with multiple benefits, working in harmony with your body’s natural metabolism.

How Can 5 HTP Improve Your Sleep?

Everyone at some point in their life experiences disturbed sleep, this can be triggered by numerous factors which are often not that straightforward to either manage or eliminate.

5 HTP simply boosts the level of natural serotonin in the body; serotonin is an important element in the sleep hormone, melatonin, and increased serotonin will in turn boost the amount of melatonin.

Melatonin governs the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Production of melatonin increases in the evening to promote sleep and reduces in the morning to help us wake up. 5 HTP can support that chemical process assisting in regulating the body clock and aiding restful sleep.

5 HTP can help reduce what is known as sleep latency which is the time it takes to fall asleep, a bugbear for many people with sleep difficulties. It can also increase the period of time spent asleep. 5 HTP has proven effective for people who suffer specific sleep difficulties such as sleep walking and night terrors too.

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5 HTP for sleep is a natural product that supports the processes that occur within our body – there is no harsh chemical interference or suppression. As a safe and reliable source of 5 HTP, EVO Nutrition's Griffonia Seed has no negative outcomes to worry about, no health trade-off and no unwanted side effects.

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

5 htp for sleep - how much sleep do we need

A good average to work to is eight hours per night, some people might need more than this and some less.

Try to achieve a regular and consistent amount of sleep every night rather than burning the candle at both ends and then trying to catch up by going to bed very early a couple of times a week and getting up late. Regular sleep patterns engender consistency and a settled sleep cycle.

Lack of Sleep is Seriously Bad for Your Health

Everyone knows that lack of sleep can make us grumpy or irritable but regular poor quality sleep can carry quite a high physical cost.

The impact of poor sleep can include:-

  • An inability to focus or concentrate during the day
  • Irritability and grumpiness
  • A lowered immune response
  • Inability to deal with challenges and problems both at home and at work
  • Drowsiness during the day or actually falling asleep
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Memory problems and lack of attention
  • Depression

Regular poor sleep can also put us at risk of serious medical conditions including heart attack, obesity and diabetes and may even shorten our lives.

What Causes Low Serotonin?

Serotonin is a hard one to evaluate as some of the psychological symptoms and physical effects can be a symptom of other conditions and illnesses. However, most health professionals agree on a list of some key causes:-

  • Poor diet
  • Chronic and ongoing stress
  • A lack of exposure to natural light
  • Inadequate or no exercise
  • Age-related brain changes

Finding the Ideal Sleep Supplement

There is a difference between increasing serotonin levels and increasing serotonin function which doctors sometimes treat with the use of anti-depressants. Anti-depressants are medication that many people want to avoid.

There are lots of lifestyle changes you can make to raise serotonin levels such as increased exposure to sunshine – challenging during the winter months and more so with national lockdowns – and exercising more. The trouble is that when we suffer from lack of sleep, we probably also lack the motivation to take more exercise whether that means going to the gym or going out for a run or even just going for a walk.

So the easiest way to boost your 5HTP levels is to find a supplement which means that whatever the daily challenges, you can ensure the right amount of 5 HTP for sleep. But finding the right 5 HTP supplement for you is no easy task.

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5 HTP Griffonia Seed extract is the perfect targeted remedy and avoids wasting time by looking around endlessly online for 5 HTP for sleep products often with confusing results, which can make them hard to compare. Supplements, additives and vitamins are produced in different grades and strengths and can come from different parts of the world. Even if you have found the product you want, it can be hard to also match that with a reputable UK supplier.

UK products have huge environmental benefits. Buying in the UK cuts down on traffic by reducing delivery distances. UK products are also subject to a raft of testing and regulations which imported goods can often avoid. EVO Nutrition offers products which are safe, tested for quality and purity, made in the UK and supplied by a reputable UK manufacturer.

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EVO Nutrition is a leading supplement supplier with a proud reputation of providing quality products for those looking to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing. As a manufacturer, we really care about how we make things, where raw materials are sourced from and ultimately producing a product which gives the customer what they want.

5 HTP Griffonia Seed extract is a natural and effective solution for life’s stresses, helping you to get a good night’s sleep. Use Griffonia Seed extract to help you kickstart those changes and look forward to enjoying a long and peaceful nights’ sleep every night.

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