What Is Biotin Good For?

What is biotin good for? Biotin is a B vitamin and plays a vital role in maintaining overall good health and well-being. From assisting with normal micronutrient metabolism to helping maintain normal psychological and nervous system function, biotin is also credited as a key weapon in the fight against thinning hair - not bad for a tiny supplement that you can easily slot into your daily routine.

If you’re a fan of health supplements and are wondering if you should add biotin to your regime, then you may be keen to find out how this useful little B vitamin could help your hair, skin and overall feel-good factor.

what is biotin good for

Here at Evo Nutrition, we provide our customers with premium supplements that are manufactured in the UK to complement their health and well-being. As such, when it comes to essential B vitamins like biotin, we can help you to understand what biotin is good for, how to take it and where you can top up your supplement stash.

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Whether it is stress, a medical condition, or good old aging that is making your hair feel thin on top then read on to find out more about biotin and how it could help.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient found in foods and this essential B vitamin is also referred to as ‘vitamin H’ or ‘vitamin B7’. Biotin is used by many people to help with hair growth when suffering from distressing hair loss or hair thinning.

How does Biotin help?

So, we know what biotin is, but it is what this key nutrient is good for that really counts when deciding if you should add it to your supplement schedule. Biotin is known as a ‘go-to’ vitamin for healthy hair and skin.

Although a biotin deficiency is rare, this condition can lead to the thinning of hair which leads many people to take biotin, when looking for products with hair thickening benefits. Biotin is also essential for normal macronutrient metabolism, normal psychological function, normal functioning of the nervous system, and can maintain normal skin too.

We know it can be a tough time for anyone suffering from thinning hair or hair loss because of a medical condition or low levels of biotin. As biotin can provide your hair with the necessary ingredients it needs to develop in a healthy way, you may want to try adding biotin supplements to your diet as an easy way to improve the chances of thickening your hair.

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How can I add Biotin to my diet?

If you think you could do with a helping hand when it comes to getting more biotin in your diet or would like to see if boosting your intake has a positive benefit on thinning hair, then it couldn’t be easier to increase your intake of this handy vitamin.

When boosting nutrient levels in your diet, you can choose to increase your intake of certain foods or add supplements. As beef liver is a brilliant natural source of biotin - but probably isn't at the top of most people’s favourite teatime treats, we think Biotin supplements are a great fit for most people.

To try adding biotin supplements to your diet and see if they can make a positive difference to the fullness of your hair, head here to pick up a whole year’s worth of Biotin for just £13.95!

Our biotin supplements are vegan and vegetarian friendly and are a great way to easily increase the levels of Biotin in your diet without chomping down handfuls of sunflower seeds, egg yolks and beef liver!

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Do I need to take Biotin?

Do I need to take biotin?

For anyone with a biotin deficiency, or for health-conscious individuals that love to increase their vitamin and mineral intake with one easy to swallow tablet a day, then Biotin supplements are a great fit.

Although biotin deficiency is rare, you should pay attention to your body and keep an eye out for easy to spot symptoms of low biotin levels in the body, so you know whether taking biotin is the right decision for you.

Symptoms of low biotin levels include thinning of the hair, a red scaly rash around eyes, nose, and mouth, depression, tiredness and tingling or the arms and legs. You should be aware that biotin deficiency is rare but can occur in people who drink a lot of alcohol or consume large amounts of raw egg whites as this contains a protein that blocks the absorption of biotin in the body. People with inflammatory bowel disease, renal dialysis, or those who smoke a lot, may also have difficulty in producing enough biotin naturally, so may benefit from taking biotin supplements.

As these symptoms can also be signs of other underlying health conditions, if you have any medical concerns you should consult your doctor for a full health MOT.

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Related Questions

How much Biotin should you take?

Here at Evo Nutrition, we offer 10,0000 mcg premium strength biotin supplements for maximum quality and effectiveness. The supplements are enhanced with coconut oil for improved absorption into the body. As biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, any excess amount that your body does not need is removed when you pass water, so it is extremely difficult to take too much when sticking to one tablet a day.

What are the side effects of taking Biotin?

When considering side effects of taking biotin supplements, we are usually referring to unwanted symptoms experienced by exceeding the recommended daily amount. When taking biotin in line with recommended daily allowances, then side effects are extremely rare. However, as with all supplements, if you regularly exceed the recommended daily dose of 1 tablet a day, then you may experience side effects. Side effects can range from skin rashes, stomach upset or, in serious cases, kidney problems.

We recommend that if you ever experience side effects that give you cause for concern, always stop consumption and consult a doctor or the NHS 111 service at the earliest opportunity.

Try Biotin today

If you think that your body may benefit from the hair, skin and overall health-boosting properties of biotin, you should always choose a trusted brand to purchase your supplements from. Companies that adhere to high quality control standards and follow GMP guidelines like Evo Nutrition, who manufacture their Biotin with coconut oil supplements right here in the UK, will ensure you’re getting quality ingredients without any hidden nasties.

Head here to purchase 365 biotin supplements for just £13.95 to enjoy a whole year of biotin health. You can also enjoy 10% off all orders on our website when you sign up for our newsletter.

Evo Nutrition is passionate about producing premium supplements that complement your health and well-being. We source the best active ingredients and create formulations that help you to achieve your full potential and you, our customer, are at the heart of everything we do.

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