Does Vitamin D Give You Energy? Find Out Here!

Vitamin D does not directly give you energy however studies have shown that vitamin D can increase energy levels from within the cells of your body and that excessive fatigue and tiredness may be caused as a result of a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D and Energy

This means that although vitamin D does not give you a direct energy boost, it may improve muscle fatigue or improve energy levels if you are suffering particularly low levels of vitamin D in your body. As low energy and fatigue can be caused by lots of things, you should always see a doctor to check the cause of your tiredness in the first instance.

NHS England states that roughly 1 in 5 people have low levels of vitamin D due to having limited sun exposure. If you’ve been lacking in energy lately, aren’t seeing the sun as much as you need to, or just want to ensure you have enough vitamin D for your body to maintain its optimal musculoskeletal health then read on to find out more about why you need to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D, and why you should consider adding supplements to your diet to get enough of this crucial nutrient.

Vitamin D Supplements

With a passion for health, fitness, well-being, and everything in between, EVO Nutrition is proud to offer some of the best value for money supplements in the UK. Whether you’re looking to supplement vitamin D in the darker autumn and winter months, or want to top up your levels all year round, we’re confident that you will love our vitamin D soft gels.

For our offer price of just £8.95 you can get a year’s supply of your daily vitamin D dosage to ensure that you are getting enough of the sunshine vitamin in order to keep your bones and muscles strong, and energy levels just right.

Try Vitamin D Supplements

Despite not being an instant energy fix, vitamin D IS critical in maintaining a healthy immune system and good musculoskeletal health and it remains a popular supplement to take. In this article we will find out more about this vital vitamin and how it can help our bodies.

What Is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D (also referred to as “calciferol”) is a fat-soluble vitamin. There are two forms of vitamin D: D2 and D3 and it can be found in a few foods, added to others and also available as a dietetic supplement. Vitamin D is also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ because the body can produce it naturally in response to direct sunlight on the skin which triggers vitamin D synthesis.

How Can We Get Vitamin D Into Our Bodies?

How Can We Get Vitamin D Into Our Bodies - Does Vitamin D Give You Energy

As vitamin D is so important to the health of our bones and muscles, it’s important that we get enough of this vital vitamin into our bodies but what is the best way to do this?

The human body is actually pretty clever and can make its own supply of vitamin D, but it relies on direct sunlight on the skin for this process to take place. When living in a changeable climate like the UK, it’s good to know that there are back ups available to ensure you can always get the vitamin D your body needs without waiting for the sun to get its hat on!

During the winter months, between October and March, when the sun isn’t strong enough to support our vitamin D needs, you can increase your intake of certain foods or add super convenient supplements to your diet.

Unlike other vitamins and minerals, vitamin D is only found in a very small amount of foods, and not in very high quantities. This means that it can be a challenge to get the amount you need from food alone. Add to this, that the foods this essential nutrient can be found in aren’t that appealing to most people, and it’s clear to see why vitamin D tablets are one of the most popular supplements in the UK!

Oily fish, liver and egg yolks are foods that naturally contain vitamin D, along with fortified foods including some breakfast cereals, but if they don’t float your boat, it couldn’t be easier to stock up on tasty vitamin D supplement soft gels right here from EVO Nutrition!

How Does It Help Our Bodies?

Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body and we need it to help keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy and strong. Without enough vitamin D, adults can suffer from a painful bone condition called osteomalacia and children can get rickets.

Studies have also shown that people with extremely low levels of vitamin D can also experience excessive fatigue and tiredness. This lack of energy may be improved by taking vitamin D supplements.

Finally, vitamin D also contributes to the normal function of our immune systems which means that getting enough vitamin D is helpful in reducing the risk of being struck down with colds and viruses, particularly in the winter months.

Adding Vitamin D To Your Diet

Adding Vitamin D To Your Diet - Does Vitamin D Give You Energy

As we’ve covered, getting enough vitamin D is so important for your body. In fact, the NHS and UK Government have even advised people to up their intake of vitamin D to counteract the time that we have all spent indoors for the last year due to coronavirus.

So, if you want to enjoy the well known effects of this ‘sunshine vitamin’, the good news is that it couldn’t be easier to get your daily recommended dose. Rather than hoping for the real sun to shine, which can feel like watching paint dry in the long winter months, your body can get all of the vitamin D that it needs from just one, easy to swallow vitamin D3 soft gel.

Eat with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time in between to enjoy the boost in energy that vitamin D can provide and support key processes in your body. Adding supplements like this one from our store is the easiest way available to get all the vitamin D your body needs without having to change your diet one bit.

Related Questions

What Happens If Vitamin D Is Low?

As vitamin D is required for strong and healthy bone formation and growth, when people that don’t get enough vitamin D, they can experience painful bone disorders. Low vitamin D levels are associated with rickets in children, a disease in which bone tissue doesn’t properly mineralise which leads to soft bones and skeletal deformities. In adults Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones to the point where they break easily. This most often affects bones in the hip, backbone, and wrist, and is more likely to occur in those with low levels of vitamin D.

Who Is At Risk Of Vitamin D Deficiency?

As most people’s main source of vitamin D is direct sunlight, anybody that only gets a little, or no sunlight exposure at all is at risk of a vitamin D deficiency.

Some medical conditions or personal situations prevent exposure to direct sunlight or prevent people from being able to leave the house easily. Examples include people that wear clothing that covers most of their skin when outdoors, anyone with dark skin, those who are frail, housebound or institutionalised in places such as care homes or prisons. In these cases, vitamin D should be supplemented to ensure the recommended intake is achieved.

Best Place To Buy Vitamin D Supplements

When adding supplements to your diet it’s important to buy from reputable providers that follow strict processing guidelines and use high quality ingredients. EVO Nutrition produces premium vitamin D soft gel supplements right here in the UK and are formulated by healthcare professionals to high quality control standards following Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

Available in a pack of 365, you can get a full year’s worth of vitamin D3 for just £8.95! Each gel is derived from highly absorbed cholecalciferol allowing you to enjoy the amazing effects of vitamin D3 in the most efficient way.

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We hope this article has explained the importance of getting the right dose of vitamin D into your body.

To recap, vitamin D is required to keep bones and teeth strong, keep muscles healthy and can be used in the treatment of extreme tiredness and fatigue when levels of vitamin D are in the body are extremely low.

The body can make its own vitamin D but in the winter months when the sun isn’t shining so much, you should eat foods that are rich in vitamin D or add supplements to your diet to ensure you are getting the required amount to keep your body functioning as it should.

EVO Nutrition is passionate about producing premium supplements that complement your health and well-being. We source the best active ingredients and create formulations that help you to achieve your full potential and you, our customer, are at the heart of everything we do.

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